The Sexy Pundits

Predictions for 2018! (Ep. 6)

January 16, 2018

The Predictions Episode! John and Bud are joined by: Sexy Pundits for a Day: Stanford Campaigns's Sonia Van Meter, Washington Examiner Political Editor Jim Antle, UnPresidented podcast host Cliff Schecter, Centro's Jim Green, Campaigns and Elections Co-Publisher Shane Greer, Dame It All to Hell podcast co-hosts Tracy Dietz/Kelly Grace Gibson, CK Stragies's Chris Keohan, American Stratgies's Tom Mannix all offer their prediction for 2018."Douchebag of the Week" returns and "Behind the Sexy" a new segment debuts about John and Bud that isn't related to politics. The Predictit Challenge concludes and a winner announced. Now, let's get sexy!